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Radici USA warrants that when properly installed and maintained, for residential use only, the carpet will retain at least 90% of its pile for as long as it is in its original room of the original purchaser.

Subject to the following limitations:

Radici UA warrants this carpet against abrasive wear from human floor traffic only. It does not cover installation on stairs, in washrooms, or outdoors, nor does it cover tears, cuts or pile loss due to improper use, including the application of non-approved cleaning agents or maintenance methods. This warranty does not imply protection against soiling, fading, matting, crushing, burns, pet damage, nor change in carpet appearance, including shading or ‘watermarking’, except where due to fiber loss in excess of warranty limits.

If an inspection of the problem area determines that more than 10% pile fiber has been lost, Radici USA will replace the affected area or room with an identical or comparable color and quality (installation costs included). Slight differences in color and texture between the replacement and the original area may result due to age and traffic.

Claimants must notify Radici USA and permit Radici USA or an authorized Radici USA dealer to inspect and/or test the installed carpet. Prior to replacement a total confidence claim report must be completed and delivered to: